How Do You Build a Waterfall in Your Backyard?


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To build a backyard waterfall, mark the desired locations for the waterfall, stream and pool with spray paint. Excavate a small pool at the bottom of the waterfall, and dig holes for the waterfall box, filter and pump. Excavate steps for the layers of the waterfall, and line the waterfall with underlayment, rubber liner, a pond liner and fabric underlayment. Stack rocks on the excavated steps to form the waterfall, connect the pump and waterfall box, and add water.

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When excavating the waterfall, dig a hole that is at least 9 inches deep and 20 inches wide to form the pool, and excavate holes that are 14 inches deep and 20 inches wide for the pump and waterfall box. Use excess dirt from the excavation to build the stream bed.

Line the waterfall and pool area with consecutive layers of the recommended materials, making sure that each layer of material is placed carefully to prevent leaks. Then, place the waterfall box at the top of the waterfall, and place the filter and pump inside the hole at the bottom of the waterfall.

Stack rocks in a stair-step pattern to form the waterfall. Use gravel to cover bare spots and exposed liner. Connect the waterfall box to the pump with tubing. Add water to the pool before turning the pump on.

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