How Do You Build a Water Well?

How Do You Build a Water Well?

To build a water well, drill in the chosen area to construct a deep well, or dig by hand if water is expected at a depth of less than 20 feet from the ground. Fit a steel casing in the drilled well, and line the dug well with concrete.

To drill a water well, determine the water volume required and the water recharge rate in the selected area. Also, know the well size and static level desired. Obtain the necessary government permits.

Begin drilling by mounting a deck engine on the bed of a truck. Affix the cable to the drilling rig, and attach the latter to the engine. Start the drilling process. Combine water when drilling, and use a bailer to remove any crushed material out of the hole.

Drill to the required depth, and waterproof the well by fitting and welding a sectioned steel casing. Use a drive block or cap case advancement for the well.

To dig a water well, dig the chosen area using a shovel. With a mattock, remove tough soil, and use a crowbar or a digging rod to remove rocks. If there is risk of soil collapse, place steel curbing when digging. Use a bucket connected to a tripod via a pulley system to remove dirt.

Dig until water seeps in the well. Then, line the well using concrete blocks or by pouring concrete over a wooden frame. Seal the well up to 1 foot over the surface to waterproof it.