How Do You Build a Water Fountain?

How Do You Build a Water Fountain?

To build a water fountain, drill a drainage hole in a decorative planter, install the plumbing fittings, dig a hole in the ground for the reservoir, and then connect the pump. Before turning on the fountain, cover the reservoir grate with decorative stones.

  1. Prepare the pot

    In the bottom of a decorative planter, drill a drainage hole, or widen the existing one. Insert a barb fitting into the hole so that the threaded end is inside the pot, and attach a PVC female adapter to the threaded-end of the fitting. From the bottom of the pot, seal the edges of the fitting with plumber's epoxy.

  2. Install the fountain reservoir

    Dig a hole for the reservoir that is deep enough to hold the catch basin so that it sits slightly above ground level. Add an inch of sand to the bottom of the hole. To support the planter, position a couple of cinder blocks in the center of the basin. At the corner of the grate, cut out a section to make a trapped door for the pump. In the center, cut out a hole for the flexible tubing. Clamp one end of the tubing to the pump, and insert the other end through the hole in the grate. Position a screen over the grate, and cut a hole for the tubing.

  3. Complete the fountain

    Cut 3/4-inch PVC pipe to the same height as the pot, and spray paint it black. Insert the PVC into the PVC female adapter at the bottom of the planter. Lift the pot into position, and clamp the flexible tubing to the barb fitting on the bottom of the pot. To hide the reservoir, cover the screen with stones. Once installed, add water to the reservoir, and turn on the pump.