How Do You Build a Wall-Mounted Wooden Quilt Rack?


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To make a simple rack that holds several quilts, construct the sides from two pieces of wood, drill holes and insert 1-inch wooden dowel rods. When making your own rack, customize the width and number of bars to suit your needs.

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Based on the number of rods and desired dimensions, cut the two side pieces to length. The side pieces can be any thickness, but they need to be at least 2-inches wide in order to accommodate the dowel rods. Mark the location of each rod on the sides pieces. Using a 1-inch Forstner bit, drill a hole at least 3/4 inch into the wood. If the sides are thin, you may choose to drill all the way through.

When assembling the rack, place a bead of wood glue inside the holes before inserting the dowel rods. Hang the rack with the hardware of your choice.

If you do not want to make a quilt rack, consider reusing another object with a similar shape, such as an old wooden ladder, which can be mounted on the wall or propped up against it. Several towels bars mounted on the wall are another possible alternative. For another simple solution, create a wall mounted quilt rack from two shelf brackets and a wooden rod.

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