How Do You Build Trusses for a Garage?


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To build trusses for a garage, cut the timbers to size and connect the panels together. Next, add a brace, secure the trusses and attach them to the proper place.

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The necessary items to build trusses for a garage include timber panels, galvanized steel roof truss plates, a circular saw, galvanized screws and deck screws, a screwdriver, a level, and a hammer and nails. Prior to cutting the timbers, measure the size of the roof and purchase the correct amount of wood and thickness. Most trusses are made with 2-inch by 8-inch timber panels cut to size. Next, secure the timber panels together. Use the connector plates and screws to build the proper triangle shape of the trusses. Then add the brace to the triangle of the truss.

Be sure to use the correct strength necessary for the weight load that the truss is deemed to support. Secure the roof trusses to the frame, leaving enough overhang for the garage roof and roof pitch. Lastly, attach the trusses to the roof frame using the deck screws. It is ideal to add additional braces to the roof truss to promote strength and avoid future damage. Be sure to check with local building codes prior to building trusses for a garage.

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