How Do You Build a Trellis for Plants?


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There are many ways to build trellises for climbing plants, from simple stick or bamboo trellises to sturdy trellises made of 2x4s and wooden lattice. The style you build depends on the time and resources available and the purpose of the trellis.

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When building a trellis, first decide on the style needed. Well constructed trellises made from lumberyard wood are good for places where you require permanence and refine aesthetics, however, rustic stick or bamboo trellises are better for rustic gardens and impermanent positions, such as vegetable gardens.

To build a stick trellises, use pruned branches from other trees in the garden or buy bamboo at a garden center. Plan your trellis to fit the area, making as many measurements as possible before construction. Place polls about 5 to 7 inches apart to allow climbing plants space without making them reach too far. Attach polls and crosspieces together using lashing cord or small nails. Make stick trellises in a tepee shape for quick, movable supports in vegetable gardens.

To make a sturdy lumber trellis, use 2x4s and wood lattice from a lumber yard. Consider using pressure treated or cedar wood for extra longevity. Make the trellis frame to fit your location out of the 2x4s. Place the lattice between 1x1 stops attached to the 2x4 frame. This allows the lattice to expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity.

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