How Do You Build a Treehouse for Kids?


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To build a treehouse for kids, attach two foundation beams into a flat section of the tree trunk so that they run parallel to each other on either side of the tree, make sure they are level and start adding cross braces, decking, a ladder and railings, if desired. The most important part of building the treehouse is making sure that the decking and foundation are strong and sturdy before allowing children in the tree.

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How Do You Build a Treehouse for Kids?
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Some cities require permits or other permissions to build a treehouse. Before even starting a treehouse, individuals should make sure that they have permission to build on their land and make sure that they follow their city's specific regulations. Use the following steps to build a simple treehouse.

  1. Screw in foundation beams
  2. Find a portion of the tree trunk that is flat and sturdy at a safe height for the treehouse. Use sturdy boards, such as 2 by 6-inch boards, and cut them to 6 feet in length. Screw the boards into either side of the tree so that they run parallel on each side of the tree.

  3. Put in decking pieces
  4. Start to screw in decking on top of the foundation pieces. The decking can hang over the foundation pieces a bit, but not too far to the point where they can break.

  5. Add bracing pieces
  6. Start to add cross braces throughout the entire foundation and up around the deck. Add as many as necessary to strengthen the structure.

  7. Add a ladder and railing
  8. Finally, add a ladder that allows the children to climb onto the treehouse. If desired, add railings to stop children from falling off.

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