How Do You Build a Tractor Tire Planter?

How Do You Build a Tractor Tire Planter?

To build a tractor tire planter, fit some hardware cloth in the bottom of the tire, line the planter with moss, carpet or grass and then fill the planter with soil. Once the planter is full of soil, add some plants.

Tractor tire planters are very easy to make. Gardeners can repurpose old tires into small raised beds using the following steps.

  1. Position the tire
  2. Choose a spot for the planter. Place a tire on its side. To make a taller planter, stack tires sideways on top of one another.

  3. Remove the top sidewall
  4. Gardeners can use full tires as planters, but cutting off the sidewall at the top of the planter can increase planting space. To do this, use a utility knife to carefully cut away the tire top.

  5. Line the planter
  6. Use hardware cloth or landscaping fabric to line the bottom of the planter. Add an absorbent material on top of the fabric such as grass, moss or carpet.

  7. Add soil and plants to the planter
  8. Add soil to the planter, filling it right to the top. Plant seedlings or plants such as tomatoes or peppers.

Gardeners can also hang their tire planters. To make a hanging planter, lay the tire on its side and drill three holes around the top edge of the tire. Add chain or wire to each hole and attach each end to a hook.