How Do You Build a Timber Wall for Your Landscaping?


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Steps required to build a timber retaining wall include measuring the area and calculating the size and amount of timber required, outlining the wall area with stakes, and digging a trench. Additional steps include laying down foundation timbers, staggering timber rows and adding drainage for water runoff. Shore up the wall by connecting two shorter planks into a t-shape and pushing them against the wall.

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Before building a timber wall, contact the local utility company to find out if there are any underground pipes or cables in the location you want to dig. If all is clear, gather materials to build a wall that adheres to local building codes. To build a wall that is 2 feet in height, you need 12 timber planks measuring 6-by-6 feet. Pressure-treated wood is commonly used for this type of project. You also need several wooden stakes, a 2-pound sledgehammer, a perforated plastic drainage pipe, landscape fabric, gravel and a wheelbarrow for hauling dirt.

Measure the area, and outline it using guide string. Place stakes at both ends of the wall area, and attach guide string to the stakes. Dig an 8-inch deep trench, and place the foundation timbers into the trench. Use a level tool to ensure the timbers are balanced. Use the stepping back method to build wall tiers.

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