How Do You Build Timber Steps Into a Slope?

How Do You Build Timber Steps Into a Slope?

In order to build timber steps into a slope first make each step, then dig out the slope as required before fitting the steps into place. Repeat the process while working up the slope, and then fill in the hollow, or tread, of the step.

Build timber steps into a slope using the following steps:

  1. Get the materials
  2. The process starts by getting the materials. The amount will depend on how many steps are required, and how wide the steps should be. Other things that will be required include nails, bolts, angle braces, a saw, a drill, screwdrivers and a spade.

  3. Make the steps
  4. Before going to the slope make the steps. They should be shaped like a square "U," with each of the three pieces of timber held together with the nails and angle braces. The two lengths of the "U" should be 4 foot, with the cross section being whatever width is required for the step.

  5. Fit the first step
  6. Start at the bottom of the slope. Use the spade to dig into it 4 feet so that the first step fits perfectly. It should also be as level as possible.

  7. Fit the rest of the steps
  8. Move up the slope with each step, ensuring the stepping height is not too much. At each point where the following step is to be installed, dig into the slope 4 feet. Connect the steps together with the 10-inch nails and work to the top of the slope.

  9. Fill in the tread
  10. The timber "U" forms part of the tread of the step, but there will be a hollow section on each step. This can be filled in to complete the job with, for example, gravel.