How Do You Build a TENS Unit?


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The first step of building a TENS unit is printing a diagram and labeling any alterations you wish to make to its parts. Gather all necessary tools and materials, including the soldering iron. Measure all parts, and cut out the appropriate holes for muscle wires, switches and LED. Assemble and connect all parts using your diagram, and insert the full unit into the case.

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  1. Draw a diagram

    Draw and print a diagram to help you in building the TENS unit. The diagram acts as a guiding tool when assembling all parts of the unit. Print the diagram, and indicate all alterations you wish to make to the unit components. Prepare the soldering iron, and gather all the necessary tools and parts.

  2. Make appropriate holes

    Measure the parts, and cut out the required holes, especially if you want to place the unit in a case. The appropriate holes for this type of project are for LED, muscle wires and switches. Label the outside of the unit case.

  3. Assemble all parts

    Use your diagram to assemble and connect all wires and parts with a bread board or soldering iron. Begin with the timer and work outwards, considering the positive and negative charges. Insert the finished unit into the case, and test it using the TENS placement chart.

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