How Do You Build Storage Shelves?


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To build storage shelves, measure the wood for the parts, trim all the pieces to size, attach the railings to the legs, and then screw the shelves to the railings. To secure the shelving unit to the wall, insert screws through the top railing and into the studs.

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  1. Gather the supplies

    To build one storage unit that is 80 inches high and 95 1/4 inches long, you need two 8-foot 1x2s, eight 8-foot 2x2s, eight 7-foot 2x4s, and two 8-foot by 4-foot 3/4-inch plywood sheets.

  2. Measure and cut the wood

    Measure and cut eight legs that are 80 inches tall from the 2x4s. Trim eight railings that are 95 1/4 inches long from 2x2s. For the shelves, cut four shelves that are 2 feet wide and 95 1/4 inches wide from the plywood. If you want to hang storage bins from the shelves, cut eight cleats from 1x2s that are 2 feet wide.

  3. Assemble the frame

    Place one leg on either end and two in the center that are 17 1/4 inches apart. With screws, attach a railing to the legs every 18 inches, starting from the top. Repeat for the other side of the shelving unit.

  4. Attach the shelves

    With a helper, lift the sides of the shelving unit off the ground, and screw the shelves onto the railings.

  5. Install the shelving unit

    Place the storage shelving against the wall, and secure the top railing to the wall studs with construction screws. If you are installing multiple units, screw the front legs of each unit together. If you need cleats, screw them to the center legs, just below the railings.

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