How Do You Build a Storage Shed Ramp?


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To build a storage shed ramp, attach a ledger board to the shed, and dig an area for the concrete block foundation of the ramp before setting the concrete blocks and attaching a support board. Then, cut and anchor the ramp stringers before installing the ramp boards to finish the project.

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Building a storage shed ramp requires several pressure treated planks of wood, lag screws, washers and solid concrete blocks. Some of the tools required include a shovel, construction level, tape measure, mitre saw, circular saw and a powder actuated nailer.

When installing the ledger board that attaches to the ramp, make sure the board is completely level. Additionally, drilling all of the holes before attaching the ledger board can help save time and make the process much easier.

To determine the correct angle between the ledger board and the stringer, set the stringer at the corner of the board, and mark a plumb line using a speed square. Secure each stringer to the ledger board with screws after finding and cutting the appropriate angle. Use the powder actuated nailer to anchor the stringers to the concrete blocks, securing the ramp from side-to-side movement and increasing its stability. After this, attach the ramp boards, and paint them to add a protective layer to the wood.

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