How Do You Build a Storage Rack for LP Albums?

To build a storage rack for LP albums, stack several storage crates or boxes on top of each other or line bins up side by side. If crates or bins are not available, it is fairly easy to make them from scratch.

To make record storage at home, run through the following steps.

  1. Find some crates or square boxes
  2. Milk crates make good options for record storage, but be sure to ask first before taking them. Dairy companies own most milk crates, so it is important to check and make sure that they are free to take. If milk crates are too unsightly, find a storage bin or square wooden box. To make a wooden box, cut out four equal sized squares out of plywood. Join the four sides together to form a box and then add the bottom.

  3. Stack or line up boxes
  4. To create a shelf-style rack, stack the crates or boxes on top of one another. To create a bin-style rack similar to those found in record stores, line the crates side by side with the tops facing upwards. Adding a wire dish rack in each crate can make it easier to organize records into groups.

The square shape of the IKEA Expedit shelf also makes an excellent record storage rack.