How Do You Build Steps for a Manufactured Home?

How Do You Build Steps for a Manufactured Home?

To build wooden steps for your manufactured house, ensure that you have a slab in place for the stairs. Then, figure out the number of steps needed before calculating the required rise and total length, and construct the landing before cutting and attaching the stringers. Finish off by treading.

Decide on the number of steps you need, and divide it by the height in inches from the ground to the top of the floor on the porch. The value you get gives the height of the rise in inches.

Multiply your desired depth of the stair tread by the number of steps to determine how far the porch stairs should extend into the yard.

Construct the landing by digging and pouring footings to accept posts. The footings extend below the frost line and must be at least 16 inches wide.

To lay out the stingers, begin by using two by 12 boards to measure the top step, and place a framing square at one corner of the board. From the corner of the square, measure the size of the rise before measuring the depth of the steps.

Mark the cut lines of the stringers and create another return. This part of the stringer sits on the ground. Cut along the lines with a circular saw and finish the cuts with a jigsaw. Attach the stringers to the landing and the porch using nails.

Use two by six treated lumbers for treading. Overlap the stringers on the sides and front by an inch and fasten it with nails.