How Do You Build a Squirrel Trap?


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Although there are numerous types of squirrel traps, one simple method involves purchasing plastic tubing and closing off one end, then baiting the pipe with food and waiting for the squirrel to investigate and fall inside. This project requires plastic tubing, wire mesh, bait and cooking spray. The trap can be created in under 30 minutes.

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  1. Purchase the pipe

    Purchase plastic tubing that is 5 to 8 inches in diameter. The pipe should be long enough to easily contain the squirrel once it is inside. A 3 to 6 foot length is suggested.

  2. Cap one end of the pipe

    Cap one end of the pipe with wire mesh. Apply glue or tape so that the end cap can't be removed by the squirrel.

  3. Bait the pipe

    Pour corn or sunflower seeds into the trap. Shake the tube so that the seeds go all the way to the bottom and rest on the wire mesh. Spray cooking oil onto the inner sides of the tube. This prevents the squirrel from climbing out.

  4. Position the pipe and wait

    Place the pipe near a tree or other popular squirrel location. Wait for the squirrel to take the bait. Check the trap daily. Once the squirrel falls in, cover the open end of the tube and remove the squirrel to a more desirable location.

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