How Do You Build a Smoker?


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Build a smoker from a metal drum and a barbecue by placing a metal drum on a grill, cooking down charcoal in the metal drum, adding soaked wood to the coals, placing a container of water over the coals and adding the meat. This takes less than 60 minutes to prepare, although the actual smoking process takes longer. You need a barbecue, a chimney starter or metal drum, charcoal, hardwood, water, a foil container and meat.

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  1. Prepare the smoker

    Prepare the smoker by placing a metal drum or chimney starter on top of the barbecue grill. Place charcoal in the drum, and start a fire.

  2. Cook the fuel down

    Burn the coal until it is cooked down. Place the charcoal in the barbecue. Start cooking down more charcoal as soon as you remove the first batch so that you always have fuel ready at hand.

  3. Add wet wood to the coals

    Soak several pieces of hardwood in water. Place up to three pieces on the coals in the barbecue.

  4. Place a container of water on the grill

    Place a foil container of water on the grill. This helps the temperature to stay steady while you smoke the meat.

  5. Smoke the meat

    Add the meat to the grill. Keep the grill vented but the barbecue closed. Add more charcoal and hardwood as needed at a slow rate.

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