How Do You Build a Small Deer Stand?


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To make a small deer stand, build a raised platform on two legs, with a ladder for climbing to the platform. Build the legs from pieces of pressure-treated wood 8 feet long, make a square platform from smaller pieces of wood, create wooden braces for stability, and construct the ladder from two pieces of wood 8 feet long with shorter pieces at intervals for rungs. When at the hunting site, attach the stand to a tree using galvanized nails.

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How Do You Build a Small Deer Stand?
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Begin by building the ladder. Lay out two 8-foot two-by-fours for the ladder's vertical supports and attach six 32-inch pieces for the rungs, spacing equally.

Next build the platform. From pressure-treated two-by-fours, cut four 32-inch pieces, one 30.5-inch piece and seven 42-inch pieces. Nail the four 32-inch pieces together to form a 33.5 inch square using 12-penny galvanized nails, then nail the 30.5-inch piece across the middle of the square. Attach the 42-inch pieces across the square to form the deck of the deer stand, spacing the pieces 1.5 inches apart. Use three 12-penny galvanized nails at each point of support.

Finally, attach the ladder to the platform. Insert the top of the ladder under the front edge of the platform and attach with four 12-penny galvanized nails on each side. Attach two pieces of two-by-four 48 inches long between the back edge of the platform and the ladder on each side to create a brace.

Once at the hunting site, find a tree with 8 feet of exposed trunk. Place the stand against the tree, with the back edge of the platform resting on the trunk. Stand on a small ladder under the stand and nail the back edge of the platform to the trunk of the tree using six 30-penny galvanized nails.

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