How Do You Build a Small Cabin?

How Do You Build a Small Cabin?

To build a small cabin, start with a concrete foundation, then build a frame for the floor, walls and roof. Finish the cabin with your preferred materials. Before building, check local building codes for any requirements.

  1. Build a foundation

    In warmer climates, pour concrete pads for the foundation. In colder climates, where the ground freezes, pour concrete piers below the freeze line to ensure a stable structure. A small cabin needs pads or piers at the corners, in the middle of the cabin and the front and rear walls.

  2. Construct a floor frame

    For the outside of the frame, join four 6-by-6-inch timbers with half-lap corner joints. For the floor, lay 2-by-10-inch boards every 16 inches. Once the frame is complete, add the wood flooring of your choice.

  3. Frame the walls

    Before framing the rest of the walls, add a door frame. For the top and bottom plates, which hold the studs, cut 2-by-6-inch boards that are the length of each wall. Nail the bottom plate to the floor, then add 2-by-6-inch studs every 16 inches. Nail the top plates on top of the studs. For the roof support, install 6-by-6-inch posts at the corners and across the top of the wall frame. Add another layer of top plate above the beams.

  4. Install the walls and roof

    To finish the basic shell, install the wall planks onto the outside of the frame. Determine if you want a sloped or flat roof, then build the rafters and add the roofing material.