How Do You Build a Sliding Barn Door?


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To construct a sliding barn door requires metal braces, 4x1 planks, 2x4 boards and basic hardware and tools . Building a sliding barn door requires only a basic hardware skill set and a few short hours of time.

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The directions for building a sliding barn door are as follows.

  1. Cut the boards
  2. Measure the barn door opening and cut the boards accordingly. Double stack 2x4 boards for a stronger frame.

  3. Build the frame
  4. Cut a cross brace to attach to the frame. Use a diagonal brace for larger doors. Create the frame using metal braces and galvanized screws to create the frame. Place the planking cut to the size of the door on the door frame and attach with screws. Add nail glue at each screw for additional strength.

  5. Mount the track
  6. When mounting the sliding door track to the top of the frame with wood screws and a power drive, use a level to ensure it is aligned properly.

  7. Add the wheels
  8. Attach a few track wheels, as many as needed, to the bottom of the door. If the door is higher than the barn foundation, install a bottom track.

  9. Install the wall tracks
  10. Install tracks slightly longer than the size of the tracks on the frame along the side where the door will retract.

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