How Do You Build a Simple Wine Storage Rack?


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To make a simple wine storage rack for six bottles, obtain two pieces of plywood, and mark the centers of six holes on each board. The marks should be in the same locations on two boards. Drill out the holes with a 3 1/5-inch drill bit, and install hinges onto the boards to hold them together. Connect the bottoms of the boards with a string to prevent the wine rack from opening too wide.

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Smooth out the wood with a 150-grit sandpaper. When installing the hinges on the boards, locate them at equal distances from the ends of the boards. Start by placing one part of each hinge on the first board, match it with the other board, and install the second part of each hinge on the second board. To connect the boards with a string, position the wine rack in an A-shape on a flat surface. The distance between two sides should be about 6 inches.

Mark four spots about 1 inch away from the side and bottom of the boards. Insert a 6-inch string into one of the holes, make a double knot on the outer side of the hole, insert the same string into the opposite hole, and tie a double knot again. Repeat this process with the other two holes, and get rid of the excess string.

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