How Do You Build a Simple Bed Frame?


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To build a simple bed frame, attach bed rail hangers to connect the side rail and head posts. Secure support rails on the side rails. Insert a groove into each support block and support beam, and secure support blocks in the center of each head and foot rail. Secure rails to the posts with bed rail hangers, and slide support beams in between support blocks. Place pieces of plywood on top of the frame, and put the mattress in place.

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Bed rail hangers usually come in sets of fours, which is enough to build one bed frame. Bed rail hangers are the most important part of the bed frame, as they hold the bed rails in the frame together. Make sure that they are positioned securely in each corner. If you were unable to find bed rail hangers, secure bed rails together with 8 long lag bolts.

The bolts need to be tightened firmly. When attaching support rails in place, put screws 12 inches away from each other, and tighten them firmly. When inserting grooves into support blocks and support beams, make sure that each groove is centered to be a 1.5-inch by 3.5-inch slot. If the wood of the bed frame is somewhat rough, make sure to sand the surface out before using the bed.

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