How Do You Build a Simple Backless Bench?


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To build a simple backless bench, cut the parts, adjust them to fit, build the side assemblies, assemble the body, plug the screw holes, and stain the bench. Apply a coat of clear polyurethane, and attach furniture glides to the bottom of the legs after it dries.

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Cut out parts for the legs and body, and label each part. Adjust the parts to fit. Glue together three pieces of stock to create two sets of legs. Fit together two long side assemblies using pocket hole screws and glue to create the legs and frame.

Glue and fit evenly spaced cross braces throughout the frame, using two screws for each end, countersinking the screws approximately 1/4 inch below the surface. Attach the seat slats evenly on top of the cross braces and long and short rails, ensuring that the slats extend about 1/2 inch over both ends of the seat.

Apply glue into the countersink, and insert and screw a dowel into each screw hole to plug it up. Allow the glue to set, and use a handsaw to trim the dowels down to size. Sand the bench, stain it, and allow it to dry. Apply a coat of clear polyurethane, allow it to dry, sand the bench, and apply a second coat. Pre-drill the bottom of the legs, and nail down furniture glides to finish the bench.

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