How Do You Build Shelf Brackets?

How Do You Build Shelf Brackets?

How Do You Build Shelf Brackets?

Shelf brackets form the support system for shelves that are attached directly to the wall, and according to, a variety of viable shelf bracket designs are available. To build simple, yet strong shelf supports, you need pinewood, a drill, a tape measure, a pencil, a circular saw, a level, sandpaper, a screwdriver and some screws. This is an afternoon project.

  1. Take measurements

    Use the tape measure to measure the pinewood 8 inches in length. Make a mark and draw a line from the mark to the corner of the wood with the help of the level, forming a triangle. Do the same on the other side of the wood.

  2. Cut the wood and sand the edges of the triangles

    Carefully cut out the two previously marked triangles with the circular saw. Smooth out any roughness on the edges with sandpaper.

  3. Drill holes into the brackets

    Measure the longest side of triangles and mark two points at equal distances from the edge. Drill holes through these points, keeping the size of the screws you use in mind.

  4. Make holes on the wall and screw in the brackets

    Create holes in the wall using the power drill. Ensure that the holes are exactly measured with respect to where the brackets are going to be placed. Screw the brackets into the wall with the screwdriver and wood screws.