How Do You Build a Shed With a Sloped Roof?

How Do You Build a Shed With a Sloped Roof?

In order to build a shed with a sloped roof, first build a platform, then build the walls and the roof, nail the pieces together, install doors and windows and then perform the finish work. Follow all local ordinances and building codes when constructing a shed.

In order to build a shed with a sloped roof:

  1. Choose plans
  2. Obtain plans for the desired shed design and purchase the materials on the cut list.

  3. Create a platform
  4. The shed needs to be built on level ground. Dig two trenches and fill with gravel and compact. Place 6-inch by 6-inch pieces of wood on the trenches and build the foundation platform on the planks, ensuring it is level.

  5. Build the walls
  6. First build the framework for the walls by nailing together the center stud and outer perimeter pieces. Then attach the siding and attach metal flashing along the side seams.

  7. Assemble the roof
  8. Build the roof in two pieces by first constructing the roof's frame and then attaching the soffit to the frame. Follow the plans to achieve the desired pitch slope.

  9. Nail the walls
  10. Raise the walls, one at a time, and nail to the built platform as well as to each other.

  11. Attach the roof
  12. Lift the roof pieces into position, toenail the rafters to the wall, nail the ridges together and attach two 2-inch by 4-inch collar ties.

  13. Add doors and windows
  14. Install the doors and windows into the framework.

  15. Perform finish work
  16. Add shingles to the roof, install trim, finish the exterior siding and paint the exterior to finish the shed.