How Do You Build a Shed Door?


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To build a simple shed door with a rectangle frame, measure the door opening, use two-by-four lumber faced with a sheet of plywood siding cut to fit the frame and attach the door using deck screws. Materials needed include lumber, a circular saw, deck screws and a screwdriver.

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  1. Measure the door opening

    Using a measuring tape, measure side to side and top to bottom of the rough frame opening where you intend to install the shed door. Write down your measurements.

  2. Cut the frame lumber

    Using a circular saw to make the cuts, cut two pieces of two-by-four lumber half an inch shorter than the rough opening. Cut three pieces of two-by-four 7 1/4 inches shorter than the width of the rough opening.

  3. Assemble the frame

    Position the frame lumber to create a rectangle a quarter of an inch narrower and half an inch shorter than the rough opening. Stand the boards on one narrow edge, and attach the boards using a drill/driver and 3-inch deck screws. Place the third horizontal piece in the center of the door, and screw it into place.

  4. Add the siding

    Cut a piece of plywood siding the same size as the outside dimensions of the shed door frame. Fit the siding panel so that it fits flush on all edges of the frame. Fasten the siding to the frame with 2-inch deck screws, one screw every 6 inches.

  5. Hang the door

    Stand the door in the opening, and place shims under each corner to lift it slightly off the floor. On the side of the door that is hinged, position one strap hinge 6 inches down from the top, and one strap hinge 6 inches up from the bottom. Fasten the strap hinges to the siding and the frame of the rough opening using deck screws. Add a gate latch to complete the project.

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