How Do You Build Scaffolding?


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To build a scaffolding, connect scabs to the wall of the house, placing them every 10 feet. Make sure to level the end of each block with the respective vertical legs that are set 4 feet above the grade. Connect horizontal support beams to the scabs using nails. From the other end, attach them to the vertical legs 3 feet away from the wall. Nail two planks to each pair of legs to make up the walk planks.

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Before starting to build scaffolding, choose the location for it, and make sure that the ground is completely leveled. If it's not, remove some dirt from the elevated areas. Install mud sills or base plates onto the surface to make it more steady for the scaffolding.

If you are building scaffolding at the construction site of a new house, install it before attaching siding and trim onto the walls of the house. Connect scabs to the outside of the stud wall. If the house is covered with plywood sheathing, nail scabs through the sheeting to the wall. If the house is already built and has exterior classing on it, try to nail through it. If that doesn't work, remove some of the cladding.

After the scaffolding is finished, inspect it thoroughly to make sure that it is stable and safe to use. Repeat the process every time you have to use it again.

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