How Do You Build a Sawmill?

To build a sawmill, use steel rods to form the feet, ground cleats and legs of the sawmill. Cut the rods to the required size, and join the pieces. Then, attach the bolts, pulleys and sprockets appropriately. Finally, attach a chainsaw to the frame.

Cut a flat steel rod of 6 inches by 1/4 inch dimensions into four pieces measuring 6 inches in length for the sawmill's feet. Cut four pieces, each measuring 6 inches, from another flat steel rod with the dimensions 1 inch by 1/4 inch to form the ground cleats. Cut a steel square tube of dimensions 2 inches by 2 inches by 1/8 inch to a length of 24 inches for four long legs.

To join the cut pieces, center the ground cleat pieces on the feet pieces, and weld. Position the leg pieces on the corner stabilizers. Weld the feet pieces' flat sides to the legs' base, with the ground cleats in a face-down position.

To attach the bolts, make holes over the leg stabilizers, and affix the bolts in them. Then, join a steel pulley to the mill's either sides by welding.

Affix 18-tooth and 36-tooth sprockets on the mill's lower and upper sides, respectively. Position 10-foot chains on the sprockets. Ensure that the chain does not sag.

To attach the chainsaw, remove its nuts and sprocket bars. Affix the bar, and push it close to the sprocket. Attach the chain so that its cutters face forward, attach the sprocket guard, and screw in the nuts. Finally, bolt the chainsaw to the mill frame.