How Do You Build a Sawhorse?


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An easy method for building a sawhorse requires cutting 2x4s into short lengths and assembling them in an A-frame using 3-inch screws. This project takes approximately one hour to complete. Use a compound miter saw and an impact drill to make the sawhorse quickly.

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  1. Cut the 2x4s

    Using the miter saw, cut 2x4s into the following lengths: three pieces at 36 inches, four pieces at 34 inches, two at 33 inches and two at 21 inches.

  2. Assemble the top

    Lay one 36-inch 2x4 flat. Place another 36-inch 2x4 on its side on top of the flat one. Place another 36-inch 2x4 flat on the second 2x4 to form an I-beam. Drill a 3-inch screw into one end of a flat side of the I-beam, about 1 inch from the edge. Repeat for the other ends. Drill a 3-inch screw into the middle of the flat sides.

  3. Attach the legs

    Place the I-beam on your work surface so that it lays on the side edges of its flat 2x4s. Put a 34-inch 2x4 against the bottom edge of the top of the I-beam. Drill a 3-inch screw into the 34-inch 2x4, about one inch from its top edge, and drill two 3-inch screws side by side where the leg meets the side edge of the bottom 2x4 on the I-beam. The three screws should be in a triangular formation on the 34-inch 2x4. Repeat for the other three legs.

  4. Attach the side supports

    Place a 33-inch 2x4 horizontally against two legs, approximately 22 inches from the top edges of the legs. Attach it to the legs by drilling a 3-inch screw into each leg. Repeat for the other 33-inch 2x4. Place a 21-inch 2x4 against the other side of the legs so that the ends meet the ends of the 33-inch 2x4s. Attach it to the legs using a 3-inch screw in each leg. Repeat for the other 21-inch 2x4.

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