How Do You Build a Sand Creek Post and Beam Barn?


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Building a Sand Creek post and beam barn is a process of working directly with Sand Creek or an affiliated dealer to design the right layout and determine through consultation the necessary on-site guidance. The company sells the barns as self-constructing kits, but they are typically built by trained professionals.

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While Sand Creek barn kits are designed to be able to self-erected, this doesn't mean that a crew of some sort isn't necessary. The company has a variety of options available that provide individuals with expert consultation to meet clients' needs. If a customer wants to build a barn with a local construction crew, Sand Creek ships posts and beams as kits and provides the option of sending out on-site consultation to help guide the beginning phases of construction. This process saves the buyer a substantial amount of money while still providing expert help to get the basics of the barn in place.

The owners of Sand Creek recommend spending significant time on the planning phase and determining the property's details before committing to have the construction equipment delivered. Certain supplies and concerns such as roofing, dry wall, HVAC, plumbing, electrical and zoning issues all need consideration before planning and construction.

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