How Do You Build a Safe Room?

How Do You Build a Safe Room?

To build a safe room, decide on the best location, and get the FEMA guidelines and specifications. Gather the required materials, and construct the room. Equip it with the necessary items for an emergency.

  1. Find the best location

    The best location for a safe room varies depending on whether it is used for protection against natural elements or against intruders. For weather protection, the best options are either underground or on the ground floor against a concrete foundation floor. For protection against intruders, ground floors and topmost floors work best.

  2. Gather the required materials and guidelines

    Safe room construction plans, guidelines and methods are available on the official website of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA. All government regulations and requirements pertaining to the safe room are listed on the website. If you are building an underground safe room, steel is the best option, as it does not crack like rooms made of fibreglass or concrete. Safe rooms must be able to withstand myriad things, including high wind pressure and speed, impact from flying debris, and gunshots, kicking and pounding from an intruder.

  3. Furnish it with the necessary items

    Dark and heavy curtains over windows with shatterproof glass provide insulation in harsh weather conditions, as well as protection and privacy from a potential assailant. Emergency food, water and cleaning supplies for at least a week, warm clothes, blankets and medical supplies are essential. Power cords, candles and a fully-charged mobile phone are needed to maintain contact or call for help.