How Do You Build a Roof for Your Patio or Deck?

To build a patio or deck roof, choose a roof shape that matches the current look of the home, select roofing material to size and attach it to the concrete slab. Apply a coat of roof paint that blends with the home's color theme to complete the installation.

Hipped roofs, gables, flat finishes and shed roofs are common patio or deck roof shapes. Choose a shape that best suits the rest of the house. Pick roofing material according to local climate and the budget. Common roofing materials include metal, shake, shingle, tile and composite slate, and cut it to size.

Pour fresh concrete to create footings for the overhead if local laws prohibit the roof being set into an existing concrete block. Use a masonry bit to make holes for an anchor bolt. Insert the bolts and tighten the washers and nuts to firmly secure masonry anchors. Set the roof's post square in the base after cutting it and nail the anchor to the post.

To build a roof on a deck, bolt the roof's posts directly to heavy structural members such as deck beams. Lag-screw through decking and post bases into the beam or the top of a deck joist. Always use heavy-duty galvanized lag screws when bolting to the deck's structure.