How Do You Build a Raised Vegetable Garden?


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Build a raised vegetable garden by cutting four sturdy stakes and hammering them into the ground at each of the bed's four corners, forming the sides by bolting long boards to the corner stakes, and then placing additional stakes about every 3 feet along each of the bed's sides. Fill the bed with a quality garden soil or a mix of regular topsoil and compost.

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How Do You Build a Raised Vegetable Garden?
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Use only woods such as cedar, redwood or spruce when building the beds. While these woods have a much higher cost than standard timbers such as pine and hemlock, they are much more resistant to rotting, and they do not deform when exposed to moderate amounts of moisture. While chemically treated pine also stands up to the elements, it can leach harmful materials into the soil, making it unsuitable for a vegetable garden.

Using corrosion-resistant hardware ensures that bolts and screws do not rust or disintegrate. Use copper or brass hardware for an attractive look, or use galvanized steel hardware if economy is more important than appearance.

If you are building the raised vegetable garden on soil, remove any grass or other vegetation growing on top before putting the bed into place. If you are building the garden on pavement or some other non-permeable surface, give the plants adequate access to nutrients by using larger boards and more soil.

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