How Do You Build a Raised Fireplace Hearth?

To build a raised fireplace hearth, research local building codes, make a plan, install the platform and apply a noncombustible surface. Tile, stone, granite, bricks and other noncombustible surfaces are ideal for fireplace hearths.

Take certain precautions when installing a tile hearth.

  1. Research local building codes
  2. Different cities, counties and states have different building codes, so it is important to research local building codes before creating a plan. Most codes require a specific-size noncombustible perimeter around the fireplace.
  3. Create a plan
  4. Design the hearth based on the local building requirements and ensure it is compliant.
  5. Build the platform
  6. Use MDF or plywood to construct the platform. Ensure the platform is stable before tiling, as an unstable platform can cause the tiles to crack over time.
  7. Install cement board
  8. Install cement board onto the platform, following all building requirements. Some localities may require an inspection at this point of installation.
  9. Tile the area
  10. Apply ceramic or stone tiles to the cement board platform, following the instructions on the mortar bag.
  11. Apply the grout
  12. After the mortar has cured for 24 hours, grout the area in between the tiles. Follow the application instructions on the back of the grout bag. Allow to cure for 24 hours before installing the fireplace.