How Do You Build a Raised Bed?

How Do You Build a Raised Bed?

To build a raised garden bed, choose the location, map out the garden, tend the soil, make the beds and fill the beds with soil. You need a level, compost, manure, newspaper, topsoil, 2-by-6 wood, a shovel and galvanized screws to complete this project.

  1. Select the location

    Choose a spot that gets a minimum of eight hours of sunlight each day, has access to water and has a flat surface.

  2. Outline the size and shape of the garden

    Make sure the garden bed is 4 feet wide to make it accessible on both sides.

  3. Construct the garden site

    Use a shovel to loosen the soil to a depth of 8 to 12 inches to make room for the roots. Use landscape fabric, cardboard or newspaper as a first layer, and place soil and other additives on top.

  4. Make the bed

    Use 2-by-6 cedar or rot-resistant lumber to construct a bed with a depth of 6 inches. Cut the wood in pieces, and fit them together using butt joints and galvanized screws.

  5. Balance the frames

    Use a level to ensure that the frames are level on each side. Remove enough soil beneath the bed until the frame is balanced.

  6. Fill the bed

    Place compost, manure and topsoil in the beds. Rake the soil until it is even.