How Do You Build a Rack With PVC Pipe?


To build a shoe rack with PVC pipe, cut PVC into shoe-length sections. Starting at the base, glue the sections together with PVC cement. Stack the pipes, and continue gluing them until the rack reaches the desired height. Use PVC to make bicycle racks and racks for clothing as well.

The Do It Yourself website provides a list of necessary parts and instructions for building a PVC clothing rack. Start by cutting the pipe to the right length, and then make the legs by connecting two sets of 12-inch lengths of PVC with a 36-inch length of pipe between them. Assemble the rack by attaching a 36-inch length of PVC to each side of the base, and then connecting another 36-inch pipe between them. Make sure that all the pipes fit together well with the connectors, and then glue them into place, and let dry.

Make a bicycle rack with PVC pipe, pipe connectors, elbow connectors and PVC cement. Assemble the frame as pictured on the Utah Mountain Biking website, then add support struts and bars. Glue the joints of the rack one at a time, making sure that each piece is securely placed. Once the rack is complete, drill a hole under the top connectors, and attach bungee hooks to hold the bike in place.