How Do You Build a Quilting Frame?


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Lay four pieces of lumber in a rectangle on the ground (length differs depending on size of the quilt) and connect the four corners using C-clamps. Thumb tack the quilt top, batting and bottom to the frame sides, making sure the frame is at a comfortable height for quilting.

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For a full or queen size quilt, use two 8-foot-long pieces of lumber and two 10-foot-long pieces to build the frame. To make a crib quilt, use four 6-foot-long pieces of lumber. Be sure to check each piece of lumber for defects or bowing prior to purchase, as it is important that the lay flat and flush when laid on the ground to ensure the best finished product.

Once the frame has been laid out make pencil markings at 1-foot intervals to help make it easier to maintain 90 degree corners. Place the unfinished quilt over the frame, clamp the corners down with C-clamps, and use thumb tacks to pin the rest of the quilt around the frame using the pencil markings as guides.

Once the quilt is attached to frame, place the frame on quilt stands, stools or chair backs at a comfortable height for quilting. Quilt as far as is comfortable before unclamping, roll the side rails forward and continue quilting until the entire surface has been stitched.

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