How Do You Build a Quilt Hanger?


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A quilt hanger can be made to hang a quilt on the wall to prevent future damage or stretching of the fabric, states Stich n Save. To build the quilt hanger, wood and sandpaper are needed, as well as varnish or paint, t-nuts, hanger bolts, knobs and keyhole hangers.

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Cut two pieces of the wood. The first piece must be at least 6 inches wide and measure 3 or 4 inches longer than the width of the quilt to be hung. The second piece of wood should be cut to the same length as the first piece, but should be only 5 inches wide. Use the sand paper to remove rough edges of the wood. The paint or varnish serves to add a decorative finish to the wood and is up to the builder's discretion. The keyhole hangers are then attached to the wall and the receptor pieces for the keyhole hangers attached to the wood. In the wood, a hole must be drilled for every foot of width for the hanger. The wider piece of wood is placed in the back of the hanger, while knobs are added to the front. Place the quilt in the middle of the hanger so it is centered and hangs evenly. The quilt is held in place by tightening the knobs.

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