How Do You Build a Pump House?

In order to build a basic, sturdy pump house, a post hole digger, quick dry cement, wood posts, lumber, metal siding and basic power tools and hardware are required. Building a basic pump house is affordable and an easy project for a novice do-it-yourself person.

The steps below show how to construct a pump house without any special building skills.

  1. Prepare the ground
  2. Dig holes 4 feet apart with a post hole digger. The holes should be 18 inches to 24 inches deep.

  3. Set the posts
  4. Insert the posts so they are 4 feet above the ground, making the front posts at least 6 inches taller than the back posts. Set the posts with quick-dry cement.

  5. Construct the back and sides
  6. Use a circular saw to cut down the 2x4 lumber boards to the correct lengths. Nail them lengthwise against the posts all around three sides of the building. Use insulation to line the inside of the walls to protect against freezing temperatures.

  7. Build and attach the front door
  8. Construct a door that matches the dimensions of the opening by creating a basic square frame. Line it up with the 2x4s and attach hinges on one side to hold the door in place. Attach a handle or construct one out of wood and close the door.

  9. Attach the roof
  10. Cut metal siding with tin snips to the appropriate size and place on top of the 2x6 posts. Nail to secure the roof in place and paint the desired color.