How Do You Build a Propane Fire Pit?

How Do You Build a Propane Fire Pit?

To build a propane fire pit, install a propane regulator in the middle of a concrete base after building a fire pit in an excavated area. Connect the copper tubes of the propane tank to the regulator, and connect the regulator to the gas line.

  1. Mark off the area

    Decide where you want to install the pit, and mark off the area with spray paint.

  2. Excavate the area

    Excavate the area with a backhoe, and level it with a landscaping rake.

  3. Cut and build a frame

    Cut four 2-inch by 4-inch boards, and nail them together to build a 5-foot by 5-foot frame. Install two additional boards into the ground with a mallet at each corner to support the frame.

  4. Install a propane regulator within a concrete base

    Mix quick-set concrete and pour it into the frame. Connect a propane regulator to the copper tubes that connect to the propane tank, and install the regulator at the center of the base.

  5. Finish the base

    Screed the base until it's smooth and flush with the top of the frame. Allow the concrete to dry, and take down the wooden frame.

  6. Build a sub-base

    Use mortar and a trowel to create a sub-base with cinderblocks on top of the edges of the concrete base. Do the same with cap blocks on top of the cinderblocks.

  7. Return the dirt

    Return the excavated dirt to the area around the fire pit.

  8. Add decorative stones

    Use the same mortar and trowel technique to build a decorative stone exterior around the fire pit, and top the exterior with cap blocks of the same style.

  9. Install the gas line

    Use thread-seal tape to connect the gas line to the propane regulator.