How Do You Build a Privacy Fence on Top of a Block Wall?

To build a privacy fence on top of a brick wall, the fence needs to be secured with metal rods and concrete in the core of the blocks. The materials for the fence include wood for the slats, four by four posts for the supports, concrete mix, polyurethane glue, 22-inch-long threaded rods with 3/4 threads and some newspaper.

Prepping the four by four posts before starting installation is important. This will be the only chance to get the bottom and the hole that will be drilled weatherproofed. The hole that will be drilled for the threaded rod needs to be done, and then the wood needs to be soaked in water repellent. Once dry, the wood is ready for installation.

Follow the steps below to complete the fence.

  1. Prepare the timbers
  2. Drill a 12-inch hole in the bottom of the post with a 3/4-inch drill bit. Waterproof the wood and, once dry, coat the 22-inch threaded rod with the polyurethane glue. Screw half the length into the post.
  3. Prepare block cores
  4. Wet the inside of the core of the block. Fill the core with wet newspapers starting at the 14-inch depth point. Fill with concrete to the top of the block. Agitate to remove air pockets and insert the rods into the concrete. Use shims to keep the wood from touching the block directly and let the concrete cure. Once dry, put up wood slats and stain as desired.