How Do You Build Portable Kitchen Pantry Cabinets?


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To build a freestanding, portable pantry, use whitewood, such as pine, and cut the wood into pieces for the sides, top, bottom, back and shelves. Sand the pieces until they are smooth. Set the side pieces on a flat surface, and glue the center, top and bottom shelves in place. Screw the sides and center pieces together, and drill holes for the movable shelves on the pantry sides. Prime and paint the wood before attaching the back to the shelves.

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Sand the pieces with 120-grit sandpaper followed by 180-grit sandpaper. After gluing the top, bottom and center shelf onto the sides of the pantry, use clamps to hold the pieces in place. Pre-drill pilot holes before attaching the pieces to the sides with screws.

To make the holes for movable shelves, place a piece of perforated hardboard drilling guide on the inside of the pantry sides, and place painter's tape along the second set of holes. Measure 3 inches from the center hole on each side, and mark the holes.

Drill pin shelf holes at the marked locations, including seven sets of holes in the upper portion of the pantry. To make the pantry door, attach a primed, painted screen door to the front of the pantry.

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