How Do You Build a Pool Deck?

How Do You Build a Pool Deck?

How Do You Build a Pool Deck?

To construct a pool deck, install the posts, assemble the deck frame, add the deck and install railing sections. You need 4-by-4 pressure treated posts, 2-by-10 posts, 1-by-6 posts, galvanized framing nails, galvanized deck screws, 2-by-10 Strong-Ties, a post hole digger, fast-setting concrete, a wheelbarrow, a shovel, a framing square, 4-foot and 2-foot levels, a tape measure, a circular saw, safety glasses and work gloves.

  1. Establish the posts

    Tailor the posts based on the design frame. Mix in the concrete, and install the support posts. Use the level to make sure that each post is even. Allow the concrete to dry overnight.

  2. Construct the frame

    Place each of the two 2-by-10s on the roof of the support posts. Both ends of each square should intersect with the center of the deck that is propped up by the 4-by-4 posts to make the support beam. Fill the square with cut 2-by-10 floor joists that are spaced at 16 inches at the center. Apply Strong-Ties and galvanized nails on the ends of the joists.

  3. Install the deck

    Cut each piece of the 1-by-6 posts to secure a square-shaped cut. Install the planks with two deck screws for each joist, spacing them apart evenly and using a deck screw to space out the 1-by-6 pieces.

  4. Assemble the railing

    Purchase pre-assembled railing from any home improvement store. Space out the posts based on the entire length of a railing section. Cut each railing to a desired length, and mount the sections to the post.