How Do You Build a Pond?

How Do You Build a Pond?

One way to build a pond is to dig a hole, install electrical lines and water pipes, line the hole with rebar and concrete, coat it with pond sealant, and install a water pump. This procedure usually takes about one week and requires gloves, a shovel, electrical wires, pipes, metal mesh, rebar, concrete, water, a trowel, a water pump and pond sealant.

  1. Dig the hole

    Dig the hole for your pond, including extra space for the water pump, pipes and electrical lines. Sculpt an aquatic plant shelf about 18 inches below the surface, and place another shelf about 30 inches down. Smooth the pond walls to make a gentle slope between the shelves and the bottom of the pond.

  2. Add pipes, electrical lines and rebar

    Put on heavy work gloves, position the electrical lines, and lay the water pipes. Reinforce the bottom and sides of the hole with rebar. Line the sides with strips of metal mesh.

  3. Mix and pour the concrete

    Mix the concrete according to the manufacturer's instructions. It must be extremely thick. Cover the bottom of the pond with 2 inches of concrete. Lift the rebar up, drop it back into the concrete, and cover it with 6 more inches of concrete. Flatten the concrete with a trowel, then use the trowel to apply concrete to the walls.

  4. Wait for the concrete to dry

    Wait for the concrete to dry. This usually takes about a week. Do not disturb the concrete until it is completely dry.

  5. Seal the concrete

    Coat the concrete with pond sealant, and allow it 24 hours to dry.

  6. Install the pump and electrical elements

    Install the water pump and other electrical elements.