How Do You Build a Pole Barn?

How Do You Build a Pole Barn?

Build a pole barn by creating a level base, setting poles vertically in the ground, adding the top beams and setting the trusses. Once the framework is in place, add the roofing and siding. These structures do not require a foundation and use a simple construction technique.

While it is possible to build pole barns on bare ground, adding a base ensures the floor is level and provides the elevation to keep water out of the structure. Crushed rock screenings are an inexpensive option for the base.

For poles, builders have the choice of pressure-treated timbers, reclaimed utility poles or logs from rot-resistant trees. The size of the poles depends on their spacing and the height of the structure. Place the poles in 5-foot-deep holes on top of a concrete footing to ensure stability. Once the poles are in place, cut them so they are all the same length.

The beams span between poles and support the roof. Fasten them with bolts, using an auger to drill the holes. Check local building codes to determine the proper size of poles.

The trusses attach to the beams using special connector plates. These plates provide better attachment than nails and are critical in areas where severe weather is common.