How Do You Build a Playhouse?

How Do You Build a Playhouse?

To build a playhouse, prepare the site, build the floor, frame the playhouse, complete the roofing and finish with the details. Building a playhouse takes two people one to two weeks and requires a shovel, a rake, hand tools, power tools, building materials and painting materials.

  1. Prepare the site

    Decide exactly where you want the playhouse. Level the ground with a shovel and rake. Place a layer of polyethylene film over the site.

  2. Build the foundation

    Build the frame of the floor, and install a plywood floor over the frame. Be sure that the foundation of your playhouse is square and stable.

  3. Frame the walls

    Cut all the lumber needed to frame the walls of the playhouse. Build the frames of the walls on the ground. When all the walls are built, stand them up to nail them together. Be sure to allow for doors and windows when framing the walls. When the walls are in place, frame the roof. Close in all the walls with sheathing.

  4. Complete the roofing

    Install the roof of the playhouse. Lay roofing felt out over the entire roof. Complete the roof with roofing shingles.

  5. Finish with doors and windows

    Install the door and windows into the walls of the playhouse. Finish the playhouse by adding trim to the exterior and painting the exterior walls and trim.