How Do You Build a Plastic Compost Bin?

How Do You Build a Plastic Compost Bin?

To build a plastic compost bin, use a drill to make holes in a plastic storage bin or trash can, add dirt or top soil to the container, and then add fruit or vegetable scraps. Shake the contents thoroughly to mix them. Keep the mixture damp but not saturated, and wait for it to turn into compost after a few weeks or months.

A plastic compost bin made from a storage bin or garbage can is a good solution for apartment dwellers or those who cannot have larger compost piles. When managed properly, the plastic bin reduces or eliminates odors.

Begin by purchasing a large plastic storage bin or garbage can. Use an old one if it has never stored chemicals or other toxins. Use an electric drill to make random holes 1 to 2 inches apart on all sides of the container, including the lid. This allows for proper air circulation.

Fill the bottom of the container with a few inches of dirt. Either potting soil or dirt from the yard works well, as it contains organisms that help break down vegetable matter into compost. Add vegetable and fruit scraps or yard clippings that need to be composted, and then shake the container to mix them well. Dampen the mixture until it is just moist.

Each time you add scraps to the bin, add a glass of water to keep the compost moist. Never add meat, dairy products or fats to the bin, as these items rot and attract pests. After a few weeks or months, the scraps are fully composted and ready to use.