How Do You Build a Planter Box?

How Do You Build a Planter Box?

To build a planter box, construct two equal-sized square frames to support the base and sides of the box. Attach the side panels and the base to the frames using wood glue, nails and screws, then drill holes in the base to allow water to drain from the box.

  1. Gather and prepare your materials

    Collect wood, nails, screws, wood glue and a saw. Cut the wood to a desired length based on how high and wide you want the planter to be.

  2. Construct the frames

    Construct two equal-sized frames by butting the ends of two pieces of wood against the inside ends of two other pieces of wood. Apply wood glue to the junctions and nail them together. Add screws to the junctions for added strength.

  3. Attach the sides

    Place both frames on their sides and apply wood glue to the inside face of the frames. Place wood strips along the frames to form a panel on one side of the box. Ensure that the ends of the panel are flush against the ends of the frames. Nail the panel to the frame from the inside, then repeat the process on the remaining three sides.

  4. Attach the bottom

    Ensure that the box is square, then attach panels to the bottom of the box with glue and nails to form the base. Drill holes in the base to allow water to escape.