How Do You Build a Picnic Shelter?

How Do You Build a Picnic Shelter?

Building a picnic shelter begins with laying the posts on the corners of the shelter according to the building plan. Set the wooden posts in place, either into concrete or using post anchors. Place the bottom rafters well to prevent them from splitting and finally attach the roofing slats into place.

  1. Lay out the posts

    Arrange the picnic shelter in a professional manner using the recommended building plan. It is recommended to build the posts out of four-by-four lumber. Batter boards and strings are essential for laying posts professionally. To achieve right-angled triangle, apply the 3-4-5 rule to every corner.

  2. Set the wooden posts into place

    When setting out the wooden posts into place, either set them in concrete or use post anchors. Setting the posts in concrete requires you to dig three deep holes and fit tube forms. Set the posts well, plumb them and use braces to secure them temporarily. Fill the tube forms with concrete and allow it to dry. If you choose post anchors, you must install the anchors into the concrete and fix the posts with a spirit level.

  3. Build the roof

    When fitting the roof, cut the bottom rafters out of two-by-six lumber to prevent the wood from splitting. Space the bottom rafters equally, drill pilot holes and secure them to the support beams using galvanized screws. The beams must be plumb and without gaps between the components. Attach the roofing slats into place by using one-by-six lumber. Start installing the roofing slats from the bottom and ensure they overlap well to drain the water efficiently.