How Do You Build a Picket Fence?


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To build a picket fence, dig post holes every 6 feet along the outline, and install the posts in the holes. Secure the posts with soil and concrete, and nail in each fence panel. Assemble the fence panel kits before you install the posts.

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  1. Mark the outline of the fence

    Stretch a straight line of string between two stakes, and install further stakes in the ground along the fence outline. Continue until the entire fence is outlined around the yard.

  2. Mark the post locations

    Apply paint in the corners and along every 6 feet of the outline to mark the post locations.

  3. Dig the post holes

    Use a post-hole digger to dig a hole 10 inches wide and 32 inches deep at each marked post location.

  4. Install the first post

    Place the first post in the first hole. Place a level on top of the post. Fill the hole with soil to the halfway mark.

  5. Install the remaining posts

    Use the same technique to install the remaining posts. Use a string to ensure that each post is at an equal height to the neighboring posts. Use a reciprocating saw to correct deficiencies.

  6. Install the panels

    Measure and align the first panel, and nail the panel between two posts. Continue until each panel is installed.

  7. Secure the posts

    Mix quick-set concrete according to the manufacturer's instructions. Pour it into the remaining half of each post hole to secure the posts.

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